Why You Want OpenVision®

OpenVision delivers sophisticated reliable discriminating machine vision systems fast.

OpenVision Tools eliminates the two fundamental barriers to the diffusion of vision techniques into modern instruments and machines:

  • Assures compatibility among the diversity of products necessary for a functioning machine vision system
  • Relaxes the requirement to write sophisticated code to acquire images, analyze them appropriately for each application, and synchronize the results with operations in the physical world at real time speeds.

The result is a five-fold acceleration in deployment time, much lower cost, certainty of success, and more discriminating analysis. OpenVision systems also provide higher reliability both in terms of the consistency of the decisions made by the system and in delivering unmatched uptime.

Visics’ methodologies apply whether your system will be composed of a single camera or dozens, whether your vision system will be stand-alone, or intimately connected with programmable logic controllers and extensive machinery. Visics tools assure that equipment (lights, lenses, cameras, computers, sensors, actuators, and gateways) shipped from Visics will snap together and immediately operate as a seamless system.

Components of OpenVision

Development and Deployment
  • Choreographer: Graphical Design Environment for capturing the design engineer’s intentions for system organization.
  • Chassis: Graphical Design Environment for building even the most sophisticated multiple camera machine vision inspections without writing a line of code.
  • Composer/SCORE: SCORE is a natural, event-driven language for describing all of the normal and abnormal conditions that may arise in the machine and vision systems together with their desired outcomes. Execution of the SCORE job determines when particular actions or chains of actions will be taken in the vision and machine environments to a precision of 1.2 µS
System Lifecycle Management
  • Console: Quickly load, load, run, control, and monitor vision system tasks running in Chassis, or use Console to connect to your own GUI to the Chassis execution engine.
  • CRITIC: Real time continuous monitoring system that logs system data for later review, and which allows advance selection of information to be recorded or transmitted to other consumers throughout the Enterprise network during normal or abnormal operation.
  • Choreographer: Each time a system is powered up, all device parameters and flow of control information captured during initial system deployment is read from the local Choreographer configuration file for this particular instance of a system and can be used to automate system configuration.