Polyneer, Molded Parts/Fabrications

“Snapping Visics modular equipment together allows us to match the appropriate vision inspection algorithms and compute power to each task. In most of our applications, the vision system pre-scans the conveyor 1000 times per second to detect and image each new part when it arrives at the inspection location, eliminating the need for external trigger sensors.”

– Tino Fidalgo, Vice President of Technology, Polyneer

Materion, Heterogenous Metal Fabrications

“Visics offers compact, easy-to-deploy systems, with greatly reduced cabling, that can support large amounts of data – as well as highly flexible software that can be tailored to specific requirements and uses. Visics is a real gem in our industry.”

– David Bentley, Controls Engineer, Machine Vision Consultants

Preco, Laser Shaping

“In an industry that has seen a lot of companies fold since 2000, Visics stands out for consistently delivering great products coupled with great support. We recently deployed Visics’ new EASY160, which features cameras triggered over Ethernet and strobe lights controlled by the camera, so that there’s no possibility that they’re out of sync. The image analysis results in our laser shaping machines are captured directly every five milliseconds. The vision system is the size of about eight decks of cards and sends location information to the laser controller over ethernet. It’s a simple package that’s easily customized … lots of power with very little effort and time.”

– Jim Moore, Vision and Controls Software Engineer, Preco, Inc.